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Le Rêve

Le Rêve, Red AOP Faugères

Syrah is a fragile varietal and not well-suited to dry weather conditions. Its long shoots offer little resistance to the wind. The parcels are often short pruned or cultivated using the cordon de royal method and planted in areas that are wellprotected from the wind. The Syrah varietal produces medium-sized grapes with an attractive bluish-black colour, and sweet, spicy juices. Grenache offers an explosion of fruity aromas and Carignan brings a nice touch of freshness to the wine.

60% Syrah - 30% Grenache - 10% Carignan

The wines are certified organic from the 2017 vintage.

Yields : 25 Hl/Ha.
Immersion of the cap through daily manual cap punching
Maceration : 15 to 20 days
40% of the blend is aged in Burgundy barrels

Current vintage 2014-2015
Production : 30,000 bottles
Available in 50-75 and 150 cl

Bright, clear hue with ruby tints. The nose develops floral notes (violet, thyme blossom), ripe fruits (sour cherry, raspberry) and roasted aromas. The palate is smooth, seductive and ambitious yet well-balanced and elegant. This wine pairs nicely with a rack of lamb with herbs or John Dory cooked in a salt crust.
F. Pennequin – Oenologist

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Le Rêve technical sheet